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Holly has always been highly motivated and has the ability to give more than is ever expected.

Holly worked for me several years ago at Wilen in Atlanta, and I have stayed in contact with her amazing abilities since.
Her sense of design is only outdone by her sense of timing and urgency. I was always impressed with her ability to tune in on management's needs and deliver accordingly.

She writes well, she designs well, and she communicates beautifully.I would recommend her for any position in art management and design. I would readily hire her again if I were to have that opportunity. She is mature, she is prompt, she is more than able.

Please feel free to contact me for any further discussion required.

Pamela Smagner

Pamela's contact information availiable upon request

I have worked with Holly Haynes professionally for many years in a corporate setting as well as for my own company. She has helped me with numerous projects including photo shoots, catalogue production, website development, and direct marketing efforts.

Holly is an enormously talented professional. However, besides her creative talent, she has an “old-fashioned” work ethic and will go the extra mile to understand a product and project and to deliver the message that is desired by your company. Holly is truly talented in taking an “idea” and creating something exciting and energizing! She is always willing to attempt to deliver what you request but will offer knowledgeable direction to take a good idea and make it a great idea. She is intuitive and sincerely wants every assignment to exceed your expectations.

I want to highly recommend her for your design position.

Betty Fendrick

Betty's contact information availiable upon request

I would give Holly Haynes the highest recommendation for art director, or any design position. Her motivation and ability to give more than what is expected is refreshing and leaves me in awe. She would absolutely do wonders for any organization.

Having worked on projects for my book Sylly Sylvia, The Doberman Pincher Rescue of Atlanta, and other projects, I can strongly testify that Holly:

  • is a self starter and a team player by providing design and marketing solutions without solicitation
  • pays strong attention to detail in her design work and over all concept of a project
  • excels in copy writing, headlines, and advertisements
  • maintains a sense of humor under stress and tight deadlines

Holly is absolutely one of the most dynamic and successful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would want her on my team any day of the week.

Christy Waehner

Christy's contact information avaliable upon request



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